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Icon request

I have an odd request. On the menu page of Kingdom of Heaven there is a shot, just before the title appears, of a cross and a hillside in the background I dearly adore. I've tried to capture this shot to make into a screensaver or icon but nothing I do works. I've tried changing the settings on media player by un-checking the overlay button but it still hasn't worked. Any suggestions or could someone create an icon/screensaver for me out of this? Many thanks.
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I couldn't find the picture you described in the *menu* of KOH; the title in the menu sequence is superimposed on a blend of an aerial shot of Jerusalem and Baldwin IV at Kerak, I think. But there is a cross/hillside shot at the very beginning of the *movie* before the title appears:

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Ah yes... I see what you mean. Thank you!
Was the image I posted the one you were looking for? Or was it a different one? I did try to cap the picture right before the title appears in the menu, but there's almost no time between the screen fading in and the title appearing...
The image I wanted was the first few seconds before the option to play the movie pops up. I just realized, I have the director's version of the movie and it's on disc 1. I'm not sure if the other release has this or not but I am assuming it does.

The scene is close to your image except it's hazy and lasts for a split second before Orlando's picture appears.
Ah I see. I only have the theatrical version. I think the menus are different in the Director's Cut, because in my copy there is no similar image anywhere within the menus that I have seen...